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Jeremy Culver is the co-founder and VP of Production at 4D Global, a multimedia production and training solutions provider. 4D Global has a successful history of developing interactive training solutions for both Fortune 500 and international clients. Under Jeremy's direction, 4D Global's production division provides film, video, audio, and animation services. Currently, Jeremy is producing 4D ELT, an English as a Second Language multimedia-training program for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The acts that play out in daily life captivate and intrigue me. I believe that through living our own unique story, we become characters in the narratives of each person we meet. In this respect, we are all the authors of the greatest story ever told -- that of the collective human experience." Director, Jeremy Culver

Recently 4D Global opened 4D Films, where Jeremy writes, directs, and collaborates with other artists to produce projects that explore the fundamental questions our world faces today. Believing very strongly in the potential of multimedia as a narrative tool to raise awareness, Jeremy seeks to tell compelling stories that have a significant impact on an audience. The 4D Films team has recently produced Domestic Violence Isn't Pretty, a PSA for The Spring of Tampa Bay; 34 for Mayor Bloomberg's office in New York City, which expounds that proper background checks may be needed for gun owners; and World Walks for Water, used to raise the awareness of the lack of sustainable drinking water for many around the globe.

In addition to commissioned work, 4D Films also develops its own content. Walking with Francis, currently in post-production, is a two-part short film and documentary that tells the story of Francis of Assisi on his final journey from La Verna as he shares his timeless wisdom with his young disciple, Masseo. Also, in post-production is a series titled The Fifth World, which tells the story of a woman coming to grips with her unique gifts and expanding consciousness against the backdrop of a millennia old battle for control of the human soul. It is Jeremy's hope that through these stories, the audience is both entertained and encouraged to journey inside the themes and questions presented by the work.

The views expressed by 4D Films, the director, and their representatives do not necessarily represent the views or position of Our Lady of Malibu Church & School.

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