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This documentary will tell the compelling story of Monsignor John V. Sheridan, whose saintly life as a priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles gave spiritual strength to all who knew him.

We begin in Ireland, giving context to John's early life, including his youthful brush with death, and his decision to accept God's call to be ordained. We then highlight John's accomplishments as a young parish priest, his work as a writer, and -- in his distinguished service as Director of the Catholic Information center in downtown Los Angeles -- his work in radio and television. We conclude with an emphasis upon his forty-five years of service as a parish priest in Our Lady of Malibu. In John we see a contemporary St. John Vianney, the lovingly attentive parish priest, and the only parish priest yet canonized by the Catholic Church.

For all who knew him, John Sheridan radiated a fullness of humanity, a blessed "happiness" in the richest sense of that word. Here is John's definition of "happiness":

To be happy is to enjoy
And to retain
A passionate interest
In the life and vocation
In which I am caught up
Here and now.

Each day, John lived his vocation with passion, praying, with the Psalmist "Quid retribuam? What can I give?" This film will document the spiritual gift of radical kindness which John exemplified, with which he served others so gladly.

Through video footage, still photographs, selected passages from his books, and narration by his dear friend Martin Sheen, this film will ask and strive to answer the question: What does the life of John Sheridan teach us in our own calling to holiness, our calling to be fully human? Our hope is that our film will inspire its viewers to, in the words of our Lord, "Go and do likewise."

Concept paper for a documentary film on Monsignor Sheridan
Written by Pauletta Walsh and Paul J. Contino, February 14, 2011

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Radical Kindness: The Life of John Sheridan

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Brian Oppenheimer, Film Producer
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Birute Vileisis, Chair
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